Your Procedure

Your arrival time is determined by your physician’s schedule for the day, as
well as to allow time to check in, meet with your anesthesia team and to have simple lab tests completed that maybe requested. Your pre-operative wait time is usually less than an hour, and it rare cases, a little more..

You’ll be called back to the preparation area when it is time for your surgery. Once all pre-preparation takes place, visitors can come back and sit with you until you are escorted to your procedure.

It is our policy that parents/family members cannot accompany patients in the Operating Room area. Separation anxiety is common in small children at this time. Our staff has been educated on age-specific concerns and behaviors, and will help transition your child through the preoperative period.

During your procedure, those waiting for you can receive updates from a nurse. Once it is over, your doctor will come out and meet with family members.